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Imo Elections: It’s About Domination, Not Ohakim – By Uchenna Njoku

When the women of Samaria wept in agony over the plight of our Lord Jesus Christ, they were agape in surprise when they were cautioned to stop . Instead Jesus asked them to weep for themselves and their children. Those who were present at that solemn occasion wondered why Jesus could not spare a thought for Himself as He was undergoing the passion. The women were only compassionate. They felt for Jesus, his sufferings and the impending crufixion. However, Jesus knew where He was headed. The death on the cross was to lead to His glory. The resurrection was to save mankind. Borrowing a leaf from what is happening in Imo State, nobody should weep for Governor Ikedi Ohakim, the candidate of People Democratic Party (PDP) . Rather people should weep for the people of Owerri zone whose right and turn to the governorship of Imo state is being threatened because of greed and inordinate ambition. The people of Imo state should weep over the brazen and flagrant repudiation of the Imo state charter of equity which decreed the rotation of the governorship among the three zones , namely Orlu , Okigwe and owerri . Indeed the people of Imo should adorn sack cloths and seek ashes to cover themselves as the state is gradually descending to the Hobessian era where animalistic tendencies and raw rage are allowed free rein. The descent to anarchy and crisis by once a peaceful state should trigger tears from our leaders , both the dead and living . By May, 29 , 2011 , Ikedi Ohakim would have been governor of Imo state for four solid years. This is a privilege open to only 25 indigenes of the state for a century. Educated, urbane and highly articulate, Ohakim has already made his mark in the world. Blessed with a faithful, dutiful and intelligent wife and garnished by cultured and cerebral children with promising future, Ohakim is a fulfilled man. Were he to leave office today, the governor , on a personal note , would have lost nothing .

But Imo would certainly lose as the hawks and itinerant politicians desperate to grab power for mercantile considerations, well descend on our common patrimony and desecrate the hallowed grounds of Government House , Owerri . As they lay bare their fangs for the prey , these politicians masquerading as rescuers have come only to steal and lay desolate the gains of the past . They are also in a hurry to unleash violence on the people of the state preparatory to the final onslaught of establishing a totalitarian regime within a democracy.  However, it is very painful that elders of the state who ought to speak out against the burgeoning evil, have chosen to be dumb. In essence, they would rather  watch as a goat. is delivered in tethers, a taboo in igboland. What hastens the death of an elder is his failure to speak the truth. They have kept silence in the face of the grand assault on the core values that have held Imo State together since its creation in 1976. Apart from the fact that Ohakim has performed and deserves re-election, the nexus of what defines  the election in Imo State is keeping faith with agreement reached by leaders of the state that power shall rotate among the three zones of Orlu, Okigwe and Owerri. It was based on that sacred agreement that Chief Achike Udewa from Orlu ruled the state for eight years even when he did not win the PDP primaries  in 1999 and did not deserve re-election in 2003 on account of non performance. It was also on that account that Ikedi Ohakim was supported to emerge governor in 2007 after he was schemed out from the PDP primaries of that year.

Therefore it was a faith accompli that Ohakim from Okigwe zone would complete his eight years and duly hand  over to Owerri zone in 2015. As earlier stated, Ohakim merits re-election on account of his sterling performance. Even those who are desperate to employ violence and propaganda to unseat the governor have never quarreled over his performance. Their grouse is that the governor decided to cut off their parasitic influence over the resources of Imo State and the 27 local Governments. He excised the malignant cancer called city god fathers and decreed that it was no longer going to be business as usual.

These agents of destabilization are ready to sacrifice the blood of innocent Imo citizens just to make a statement that they must remain in charge and relevant in the bleeding of Imo resources. They are ready to dishonour their children and grandchildren just to satisfy their insatiable appetite for public funds. That is why they want to destroy the Imo charter of equity.  This ungodly guest is fueled by the demonic spirit of domination and greed by  Orlu zone which has already done its own eight years; and domination by a cabal which wants Imo to remain under developed while they increase their number of mansions and  foreign bank accounts. The victims of this domination are the ordinary citizens of Imo State and of course the people of Owerri zone whose turn it is to take over power in 2015. While Imo people are to supper the reversal of the gains of the present as exemplified in the transformational projects of Ohakim, the Owerri people are to be enslaved by an army of occupation represented by the political invaders.

This is where eternal vigilance is required  as the people of Ohaji/Egbema, Oguta, Mbaitoli and Ngor Okpala determine who will be sworn in as the governor  on May 29-2011. The Owerri people, represnted by Mbaitoli and Ngor Okpala have a rare opportunity, indeed a second chance to choose between freedom as manifested in Ohakim or darkness as represented by the other forces of darkness. Mbaitoli  boasts the highest number of political appointees in Ohakim’s administration including two commissioners. Ngor Okpala shares the same fate with a commissioner and media managers of the governor. Through the vision of Ohakim, it is now possible for the people of Ngor Okpala to move into Rivers State through asphalted road. For the people of Oguta and Ohaji/Egbema local governments, they owe it a duty to return Ohakim for the completion of the signature projects of the administration all dominated in their areas. The Oguta wonder lake resort which will open up Imo State and create employment for their youths is there. The OAK refinery and petrochemical plant is also there. No new administration will consider these projects a priority except Ohakim’s. As the saying goes, the ball is now in their courts.
Beyond that however, Imo people should rise above any form of usurpation  and domination. They should not allow the ambition of one man to set the state on fire. They should not allow themselves to be hoodwinked by a pseudo philanthropy and sophistry. A man who does not know whether he wants to be a president, governor, senator or party chairman should not be allowed to gamble with the peace of Imo State. Ohakim represents stability and continuity

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  1. All this are story ohakim is gone,in a nut shell if you are arrogant and non performanced in the government house and how the road u manage to enter the government house by free and fair or croony,there is need that you must fall out at the same way you enter their. zoning is an old system or ancient politics,is of no new generations politics any longer in imo state.

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