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America is No God and Obama is No Savior – By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu | NNP | July 13, 2012 – Death is the beginning of an eternal life; a life which will no longer be taken away. Therefore those who kill or threaten the flesh, through all inhumane ways, are the most ignorant, no matter how excellently their crimes appear to have been covered. How much old can a man get on earth: a hundred and fifty years perhaps? Yet eternity is indescribable except that it has no end. And only God has the power of true justice which assigns to each soul his rightful place in the hereafter. He who thinks his life to be superior to others does not know that he is the least among the rejected. Those who think they have the exclusive reserve to the rights, powers and authorities to limit their fellow man through bullets and imprisonments and tortures, and false witnessing and denials have displayed a pitiable lack of common sense because those who thus limit only limit themselves. America is filled with men and women who desire absolute freedom, even from themselves, yet they would hear nothing of it for others whose rights it is even to have a double portion. But, indeed, neither is America God nor is their president, Barrack Obama, the savior!

Britain sustained its foundation thus far through extortion, bullying and enslaving. In the early days when America was a British colony but couldn’t bear further with it, they had to fight to be free. But today, even after the celebrated speeches of the famous president of America, Abraham Lincoln, America has only thrived in wickedness and dehumanizing others for their so-called strategic interests and safety. Yet safety is still far away until truth is established and the freedom they desperately seek for their posterity is allowed for others; until they begin to untie the knots of secrets which they have knotted for the sole aim of enslaving those whom the Lord has called “Free!” from inception.

America is No God and Obama is no savior! A man who comes to save is that man who has looked to the future and works to preserve it. The man who claims to lead aright by enacting and signing laws which do not only oppose the great God directly, but dehumanizes man, that man is no savior. The leader who claims that women have the rights to get pregnant at will and kill their unborn children at will is far from being true. And that leader who mocks the word of God, declaring, by judging between His words in  the old and the new testaments of the Holy Bible, that there is no God or that he may be very stupid; such leader is clearly and consciously working in opposition to everything the foundation of this world has ever held its place through. Is it not enough for you that you have defiled God in America that you should dare to extend your ungodliness to Nigerian Christians by insinuating that they should be wiped out by Boko Haram, whose actions were driven by “frustration and poor government,” to further push your agenda?

Britain thought the Northern Nigerians as fools whom they could manipulate every time, and therefore, thrust Nigeria and the destiny of those in it to an untrained, unwilling and uninterested people. The government of Her Majesty saw the hand of God upon the Igbo, and then decided that they should be forever suppressed until God delivers them. Well, this is the verdict: GOD HAS COME AND HE IS DELIVERING! America would go extra miles to suppress others as long as they are tied to their suppression master, the so-called Great Britain. And so America, the so-called “God’s own country,” closed their eyes while Britain joined the Nigerian government and unleashed a crime against the Igbo, a crime which reward will not come by any man’s hand. European Union opposed the rights and freedom of the Igbo from 1967-1970 due to their sworn decision to protect and preserve the secret which God opens in His time and which they were ignorant to see that they will be held responsible for covering and trying in vain to alter.

Most people have ignorantly reasoned that if Britain is not the god of this world, maybe America is. Well, prepare for your disappointment because neither of them is. And contrary to many opinions, president Obama is no savior either. It is not just a shame but a curse for a man as black as Obama to stand and declare that the terrorist Boko Haram of the Northern Nigeria is justified in their killing of the Igbo and Christians – a continuation of what they started in their “Araba” days of the 60s which saw to the massacre of thousands of Igbo. Obama claims that “frustrations and poor government” brought Boko Haram to Nigeria; and therefore, they would not be called a terrorist organization but a group standing for justice, right? Let me ask Mr. wisest who thinks himself ‘the best of all” because he became the first African-American president: So, because the government of Nigeria is bad (by the way, through your utmost contribution and continued support) and the people poor, the North of Nigeria should turn against the people: the Igbo and the Christians? I suppose that’s true justice for you in the American eyes for “less-than-human Africans.” Shame unto him who renounces his root simply because he has been fed fat in the house of his father’s oppressors! Again, let me ask you: what brought about Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda; do you think they do not have legitimate concerns which made them carry arms? When they attacked America, why did the American government not see it as a show of their frustration for whatever they were/are agitating for? Your government says it would rather focus of the social life of the peoples of the North than fight these agents of destruction and deaths; why do you then run after to kill Islamic militants wherever you find them, and why has so much of America’s wealth gone to anti-terrorism so much that recession comes one after the other?

The answer to these is simply: America is no God and you, Obama, are no savior. And because America is no God and you are no savior, God is entering into the matter of Nigeria and against all those peoples and government who have, over decades, perpetrated and supported the slaughtering of the Igbo and Christians in Nigeria in the name of Oil and One-Nigeria. And God will come after you, Obama, for being indifferent to the plight of Ndigbo in Nigeria, and for thinking that you will rule America the second time with that spirit of arrogance and callousness and disrespect to true elders. Finally, it does not matter what your stand is; God will prove Himself to men like you who have taken the position of gods to carry out more wickedness under the cover of being true. If you gain the mandate for a second tenure in America, then it only means that the time for America to reap the fruits of its decades of wickedness has come. As it is obvious that the blood of the Igbo and that of Christians in Nigeria mean nothing to you as long as Nigeria remains one so you could continue to fuel the passion of your god, Mammon, then the God of Ndigbo and the Lord of host will stand in front and do every battle this time; and we will hold our peace. Yet, all these centuries of secrets hidden to justify a continued oppression of my people are suddenly springing up from every corner and from the mouths of the least expected. It is so because time has come to prove the true evolution of all creation.

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