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The Nigerian Politician: A Pen Portrait – By Prof. Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

By Prof. Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai  | NNP | March 09, 2014 – For over fifty years, I have watched the Nigerian politician, so, I think that I have enough facts to draw a pen portrait of him. I have not set  my ambition at trying to dissuade him from his ravenous, wolfish ,   Mammonic, greedy, unconscionable traits and life-styles, but to hold up these destructive  patterns of actions before him, and how those have kept Nigerians under oppressive sways, for over fifty years.
Those of them, who will feel exposed by this essay, are those political neophytes, who for want of any other thing to do, jump into politics and are in it. Apart from the well educated and patriotic few, the others are the hoi poloi of Nigerian politics.
This type hates righteousness and scholarship but ardently  love bigmanism, showmanship,appearing on newspaper  pages and on television, receiving cheap awards from all sorts of sources, throwing lavish parties from stolen national wealth. or proceeds from corruption.
The Nigerian politician is never at home. He was yesterday in Dubai, in London, but must attend His Excellencies birthday party, political party nocturnal meetings, which end at dawn, after the cock-crows.

 Smelling of old sweat and cigaret smoke which he has gathered with his flowing agbada, with blood shot eyes and unsteady legs, he saunters into his bed-room, his wife gives him a wicked look that says it all.
He never knows where his children are and himself, having not read much, does not put any emphasis on literacy. In the morning, he scans through the newspapers to see whether his picture had appeared, having given the proverbial brown envelope to the yawning journalist, who covered last night’s show.

He commissions a speech, which he will  read with indomitable boredom at the cutting of the tape to flag off a long awarded contract, which had been long over-due for commissioning.His dividends of democracy had hit his London account , with the force of a whiplash and he has been duly notified.

The next day, he heads to the FCT and combs all Ministries, where contract award invitations had  been announced. He leaves his gold-plated card and convinces the officer that he would not know what he would be missing, if he failed  to keep the appointment at a  seven-star hotel. The politician would of course, invite some influence -peddlers and Nolly-wood actresses to grace the occasion. The officer is assured that his overseas fraud account had been replenished, as the officer hands over the officially certified documents.

It is not corruption! No!it is the Nigerian way and so shall it be till time indefinite.
Those of us, who have been  circumspect and have never taken a bribe, waiting for paradise, should not quarrel with those, who have blood covenants with the  Luciferian hierarchy and their names are re-cycled for us to see at every turn of “lucky appointments”.
 Some do not know how the magnificent 666 have inducted them from the Church at Penny Lane, London, to Chatham Groove.

For the Nigerian politician to become recognised by the powers- that-be, he must have committed unpardonable crimes, which as a result of party affiliations , he is considered fit to enter the dome each time there are national assignments that require utmost secrecy.
Do not wonder why the same people are appointed to various posts. The Group of 44, who rule by night, know themselves.

They are not happy people. They have no real friends. They suspect everyone. They trust no-one. With shifty eye-lids, bovine looks,and hearts heavy with accumulated misdeeds, they are impervious to reason. They ignore criticisms, threaten those, who oppose their wicked ways and maintain a non-chalant attitude of ” IGA EMEM KE?”, as my in-laws would say.
The Nigerian politician would be a pauper, a wretch, if politics were banned today by honest men, who have had to the brim by political chicanery, idiocy and reckless abuse of national wealth.

Our “bureaucracy is a giant machine, run by pigmies”, whose redemption mantras is how to cater for bellyful.Their concern is how to spend their votes and exhaust everything in due time. So, they sposor all sort of irrelevant programmes that had bee run before.
This is why the various ministries are agog with “projects”.

I read Oby Ezekwesili’s “Uncomfortable Truth Speech”. Nigerians must learn to speak very uncomfortable truth, otherwise, we shall continue to sink.

 Some Nigerian politician of the low cadre is a star-gazer, a buccaneer, a Argonaut, a mindless person, without  a modicum of social consciousness, decency, virtues, altruism and he is rude, uncouth, discourteous, heartless and crude.

He is perverse, recalcitrant and Gottverdamt. The current resistance by all and sundry will leave him high and dry in due course, if he continues to  operate insensitively.
I applaud our civil servants, civil societies, writers and all-welling compatriots, who have borne the agony of misrule, corruption, irreverent, occult rule by blood-covenanted ghoulish men and women, including pastors, false evangelists, who collect tithes and ride in jet planes, preaching prosperity and materialistic and “spiritual support of people in fake governance.
If all the former this and former that now assembled at the National Conference had diligently played their roles well in historical time, Nigeria would not be in the presence jeopardy.

Who am I? I am that yellow line on the back of the honey-bee. I am the white foam that dances on the top of the drained honey. In my writings, “I sting like a bee” Ali.
God will overturn, overturn and overturn. Amen.

The AZATA/NEPU Party is happy to receive the APC documents of INTENT, which we shall examine in depth, in due course.

Professor Dr, Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai is the Founder of the AZATA/NEPU Party of thinking men and women. He wrote from Fugar City

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