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RE: Damning US Corruption Report on Nigeria – By Dr. Philip Ikomi

By Dr. Philip Ikomi | NNP | March 25, 2014 – It is quite nauseating to read on the pages of Nigerian newspapers stories such as the subject of this article. Who cares? One would like to know the basis of the US report. Why does the US give reports about various countries around the world? What qualifies the US to do that? What good does it serve the US? Why did the Punch carry the message from the US knowing that it is the same story about corruption that they have written about in the past and that everybody knows to be so by now? Who is the US Ambassador who chastises Nigeria for what is supposedly Nigerian domestic affair? What enboldens the US and its ambassadors to think that they can make rules for the entire world and enforce those rules punishing those that do not follow their rules and rewarding others that do and live by their rules?
People like the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the late Chief Moshood Abiola, or the late President Musa Yar’adua would not have allowed a US ambassador to tell Nigerians what is expected of them. In fact, you would notice that all these men are dead. They were snuffed away when they could have been here working to make life much better for Nigerians. But the US and its agents did not want them to live because they were so important in the progress of Nigeria and Nigerians which is so anathema to the people in the federal government of the US that they had to snuff them away. I can categorically say this because it was clearly stated by Femi Fanikayode that agents of the US were responsible for the death of Moshood Abiola.
I have also reasoned that agents of the US were implicaated in the change of government that led to the installation of late General Sanni Abacha because one of those agents came to Nigeria during the celebration of the tenth anniversary of democracy in Nigeria, in the name of retired General Colin Powell. Colin Powel, the lying front man for the US government at the time, told the gathering in Abuja that Abacha called him in the middle of the night to tell him that he wanted to topple Chief Earnest Shonekan’s government but that he begged him not to carry out the coup. He then added that we all know what happened. He carried out the coup. (It is no longer a secret that he lied before the whole world about Saddam Husien’s WMD. He made elaborate schematics and Power Point slides, all fictitious, to show Hussein had mobile biological weapons labs, and other facilities for making WMDs that he could transport all over Iraq and hide them wherever he wished to avoid detection before the UN Security Council with the whole world watching on live TV). I have written to let people know that it is highly improbable that Abacha would call somebody abroad on the phone to let them know that he intended to carry out a coup when Abacha knew that he could be facing the death penalty if he were exposed. Thus I concluded that it must have been Powell who ordered him to carry out the coup.
This reasoning has fortunately been corroborated by recent events in Ukraine where Victoria Nuland, a highly placed US Department of State official, was giving instructions to the US ambassador in Ukraine about whom they wanted in various positions when there were “demonstrations” on the ground in Ukraine trying to outst the elected president. When the dust settled and the elected president Yanukovych was outsted, who was to replace him as “prime minister” but the person Nuland suggested the US preferred—Arseniy Yatsenyuk? (In Nigeria the Yoruba say: Aje ke lano, omo ku loni. Tani ko mo kpe aje to ke lano lo kpa omo to ku loni?=A witch cried last night and a child died today. Who does not know that the witch that cried last night killed the child who died today?)You would remember that there were demonstrations on the ground in Nigeria to allow Chief Abiola to ascend the presidency he clearly won before Chief Shonekan was installed and then he was kicked out by Abacha.
Thus in this light, you could visualize a whole lot of reasons the US government would go about writing reports about various governments across the world. The first is to cause disafection and doubt among the people and in the confusion, they plan their mode of take over to hand over to their “friends” or favored ideologues who will carry out their demands more appropriately in Nigeria.
They are fed up with the present Jonathan administration. President Jonathan said that he did not think that Nigerians were going to be terrorists. We know that the US government was concerned about that to the extent that their ambassador dispatched that information to Washington according to the leaked dispatches by Wikileaks. The head of Wikileaks is now holed out at the Ecuadorian embassy in London for no reason other than the fear of what the US government has in store for him if he were to go to Switzerland to defend himself against the trumped up charges made by US agents. Since president Jonathan would not buy their terrorist plots, they decided to show him a sample by introducing Boko Haram after a series of bombings in various parts of Nigeria they mediated. There are other reasons they have ended their honey moon with the president as he has proved to be doing far less than they want. They urged Nigerians to replace president Yar’adua because the guy was too smart for them. He would not do their bidding, and he would not go to pay homage to Washington. Neither would he cooperate with them on “terror.”
So naturally they did their best to put him aside. The man was sick, but they were there in Saudi Arabia to make sure he did not recover. Thus we had a dead president and the late president’s men were left still hoping against hope for him to recover. He died just as Chavez had to die too because he was against the US federal government. They used to assassinate leaders around the world, but these days, they just make them sick and die “naturally.” That way is better, Uncle Sam can go about continuing as if they were on your side and for all that is good in the world and wishing you all the best. It is a pattern and it’s always the same method of operation since they are never confronted or have to suffer any adverse consequences to themselves. For instance, who is holding the US federal government responsible for a million deaths in Iraq (as of 2006), destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure, and the use of depleted Uranium munitions in cities like Falujah where they now have multiple instances of monstrous births and very high cancer rates among the population and especially the children? Bombs are still going up in various parts of Iraq as a direct consequence of the invasion and occupation.
The country is no longer safe and lots of citizens have left the country as refugees. The US claims now that it’s military has left but why did they go and invade and occupy the place? If there were no WMD and if that was the reason they went there; now that they have falsely destroyed it is it not proper that they should pay reparations like the Germans were made to pay to the Jews? If Saddam was bad, were they the majority of the people in Iraq to try to remove him democratically? If they are so concerned about democracy and freedom as we often hear them say, how do invasion and occupation promote democracy? Except for the Center for Constitutional Rights which is an NGO in the US, and a few organizations around the globe that are not given airtime, nor have the resources to get airtime for people to know about their work, who is challenging the US government on the atrocities there? Who is confronting the US government on its illegal drone strikes in countries around the world? Are we to take it that might is right? And because the US has so much more resources than other countries, leaders in other countries have no spine to challenge the US and impose sanctions and isolate her? For not being challenged, the US has the boldness to continue in its reckless and greedy ways around the world.
The only person to seriously talk about the recklessness of the US government was the late Mandiba Nelson Mandela but by that time he was no longer a head of state. The other person was the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahatir Mohammed but his is a small country. President Hiugo Chavez did denounce George Bush in the UN General Assembly when he said that the very satan was right in the assembly in the person of Bush, but most of the leaders assembled simply paid little attention being too timid to side with him and really denounce the actions of the US as the US and some of its allies walked out. That was an opportunity lost to humanity. Many of those leaders had been bribed or intimidated by the US government to support US actions. Many were members of the so called “coalition of the willing” who were coerced to take part in an invasion and occupation which is considered a supreme crime by the UN. Till this day, the US has not been called to give reasons she should not have her leaders prosecuted for the crime. Hence she continues to commit more and more egregious crimes against humanity.
But having claimed that the present Nigerian government is extremely corrupt, as if we did not know that, it would engineer the demise of the government and try to usher in a government that would do its bidding without question. One area that is very important to the US government is the way the Jonathan government is presently dealing with the scourge of Boko Haram. He is simply notruthless enough, and as a result, there is too much peace and tranquility in Nigeria and people are not yet paying much price as occurred in many South American and Central American countries that the US has “helped” in the past. By having Boko Haram intensify its activities, the US could more easily convince the people of Nigeria that the US should be called to help. Southern Nigerians are already almost there. They seem not to see what the South American countries that have parted ways with the US have seen and are giddy to get their hands on the current leadership to destroy it. They have already gotten the campaign organization that president Obama used to win elections in the US and hope to come into power with the help of that organization.
They will be shocked that they will not be able to shake the US agent off easily. And that may well be the end of Nigeria as we know it. The US wants to be asked to help with its military and special forces. It also wants to base its Africom in Nigeria. Once the US government is given the opportunity to enter with its forces, it could then train Nigerians to run death squads that would really keep everybody wary and the little peace that people are now enjoying in the country will be lost and Nigeria will now join countries like Columbia, and other South American and Central American countries like Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala that had death squads killing untold numbers of civilians in the 1950s to 1980s. Some actors in those countries working as ambassadors and other State department operatives are still alive and well and have been posted to Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years to take charge or assist in creating the terrorist atmospheres in those countries.
With the country tittering on the brink of a failed state, Nigeria will become very unproductive to the benefit of US allies like the UK and other EU countries that do not wish Nigeria well so that she cannot be a competitor producing goods and services that will compete with their goods and above all compete for human power that is now drifting to fill the human resource needs of EU countries with their dwindling native populations. Private companies in league with the US government will make life so dire for average Nigerians as the now slow rate of privatization will pick up speed and create unimaginable wealth for the few at the expense of the many for whom life will no longer be worth living. What better way to prime up the emotions of Nigerians who think their leaders are too corrupt than for an external agent to put it in graphic details and for those details to be highlighted by a trusted newspaper like the Punch which enjoys widespread readership in the country?
So, Nigerians have to be wary about the US and its “holier than thou” human rights and corruption reports. It is a set up and those who pay the piper dictate the tune.
So who knows where the Punch newspapers gets its operating funds from if not from the US embassy or other sham democracy promoting “NGOs” the US government operates in Nigeria. I have “NGOs” in quotation marks because some of these are not NGOs as Phil Blum has pointed out (AntiEmpire Report #126). The National Endowment for Democracy is not an NGO, but a US State department agency that is doing the work that used to be done in the CIA. Therefore it is actually a US government agency. But they want you to think it is an NGO. That is deception. Why would a government that says it wants to help you deceive you? Ask them why they had to deceive the world in order to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.
The US federal government, because of the resources she had enjoyed in the past has continued in her old ways even in the face of dwindling resources. But any country could easily be in a position to to have lots of resources if the people do really want to have that. It is no magic.
Nigeria could have so much resources as the US and even more because Nigeria has a land mass that can be farmed year round, no winter months, and the people are really hard working. Consider that Nigeria in the space of only a few years after independence started producing its own teachers to the extent that by the 1970’s a mere ten years post independence she was exporting teachers to the rest of the world after only receiving Peace Corps volunteers and Overseas teachers from the US and the UK respectively only a few years earlier. But the destabilizations from the former colonial master, UK and the US are so intense that Nigeria has not been able to achieve a modicum of development even after 53 years of sovereignty. Nigerians are too trusting of foreign governments and people. Nigeria does not train her diplomats to take precaution against foreign diplomats and to be wary of them. That area is not even mentioned. The Nigerian government assumes that the US and the UK love her and would play fairly, allowing them to develop as rapidly as they say and so they let the US and UK governments get involved in all they do or try to do for the people of Nigeria.
The result is that a lot of what these foreign governments support and fund are things that would imperil the economic, social, political or educational development of Nigeria and Nigerians, but will expedite or improve the progress of the UK and or the US. Nigerians always say this is hog wash and hence we are still here, underdeveloped. I would strongly recommend Nigeria adopt the Chinese model of making sure that foreigners who enter the country and those associated with Nigerians in high places are monitored 24/7 and not left running around alone and planting seeds of discord in the country. Foreign embassy and consular officers have no business going anywhere and partying with Nigerians without being monitored. Otherwise, there is no way Nigeria will avoid the sabotage emanating from the so called “partners” who are out to doom every effort to break the dependency bond existing between her and the partners.
Capt. Philip A. Ikom, Ph.D.
Retired Airline Captain and I/O Psychologist

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