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Rejoinder: “Was John Campbell Right About Nigeria? By Uche Igwe (NNP 5/14/2014).” By Capt. Philip A. Ikomi, Ph.D.

Dr. Philip A. Ikomi | NNP | May 22, 2014 – There is now no doubt that the United States government and allied governments, including the governments of the United Kingdom and France, have some sinister plans for the future of Nigeria. Judging by the so called predictions that have been made by various institutions of the United States and individuals representing same, it is crystal clear that the plan is in full swing. When the US has future plans, they are usually open for circulation. Those plans begin to unfold in various forms for those that are interested to note, and for their agents to push around so that after the plan has been implemented, people will begin to see that there were hints and warning signs which they did not take seriously at the time but which loomed big during the time of the event. In this regard, we could talk of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. This major event was preceded by twelve years during which the US did all in her power to ensure that the people of Iraq were severely punished with the regime of trade and economic sanctions.
During those twelve years, almost all countries suggested that importation of food and other life sustaining materials be removed from importation ban, but the US always found a way to say that individual items had dual military and civilian utility and as such Iraq could not be allowed to import them according to Dennis Haliday, the then United Nations chief of humanitarian affairs who wrote an enlightening book on the issue. The motive at the time was not clear until close to the war when US officials started discussing how US soldiers would be gladly welcomed by the citizens of Iraq on their invasion. At the end, the people still did not want the US to take over their country and did not welcome them as the US officials had hoped for. The planners had thought that by starving the people with economic sanctions, they would be glad to trade their country’s leadership with those of the US.
The people are still fighting today because they do not want the US installed government. Another example is the major event of the eleventh of September, 2001 when the US staged an attack on her self by crashing two passenger airplanes on the World Trade Center in New York, and another “plane” on its defense headquarters, the Pentagon, in Washington DC. In fact, what hit the Pentagon was far from being a plane as there were no plane debris and the building did not show marks or damage consistent with a passenger plane having hit it. A fourth plane “crashed” in Shanksville, Pensylvania on that fateful day. Here again, there were no plane debris, just a hole in the ground. The US chose September 11 to coincide with a notorious date in history, the same day in 1973 when the US supported a bloody coup that overthrew the elected government of Allende and installed the puppet Agustino Pinoche in his place. Prior to the 2001 false flag, there were many indications, and warning signs that a “big” event would take place.
The BBC released a DVD documentary that sort of traced the “history” of Muslim fundamentalism in the Middle East and how some of these people were determined to “destroy” the west and America in particular. Some fine authors wrote books to deceive the unsuspecting public well in advance of the event. Among them was Chancellor Williams who wrote a so called trilogy, consisting of three books on the Middle East with the same theme of false prophesy on how the Muslims want to destroy the US and western civilization. False news were spread too. Some claimed that Russia warned the US about an impending attack. Another suggested that some FBI agent interrogated one of the would-be 911 attackers and when he told his superiors they did nothing. Then there was the so called 911 hijacker number twenty who did not make it to the plane with his fellow “co-conspirators” but was arrested.
This was Mosawi who was later tried and chose to defend himself and behaved like a lunatic all through the trial. Many of the “19 hijackers” who were supposedly killed and buried with the planes they “steered” into the buildings were in fact living in various parts of the world and asked how they could have been involved when they saw their names listed. But they could not make the world aware of it since the US controlled media did not let their voices be heard. Most people will tell you today that they do not believe that the US was attacked by some Muslims using airplanes but there is nothing they could do about it. People do not see any reason to question their government even with the suspicion that 911 was an inside job. It was indeed an inside job because for instance, the government said in its white paper or 911 Commission report that there were no explosions during the collapse of the buildings yet people evacuating the buildings on that day were reporting explosions to the reporters as they left the buildings.
At least one peer reviewed scientific journal has reported on finding explosive residues from dust removed from ground zero. Human remains and parts of the World Trade Center buildings jettisoned hundreds of feet from the scene to adjacent building also prove that some explosions accompanied the destruction of the buildings. And the government has been made to agree that part of the fall of WTC 7, a building that was not hit by a plane but which fell also on that day, was in free fall. If parts of it were in free fall, then parts under those in free fall were knocked off prior to the ones on top. This means that the lower parts were knocked off by some form of explosive device.
Thus, in all likelihood, this Ambassador’s so called prediction on Nigeria coming to fruition now, is to be seen as another plan by the US government for the future of Nigeria rather than an innocent well informed prediction from a heroic Ambassador who is not afraid to say the truth. If this is not the case let’s ask a few questions of the Ambassador. How long has he stayed in Nigeria to be able to write so much about the country.
He was reported by Igwe to have been an ambassador to Nigeria from May, 2004 to July, 2007. According to Uche Igwe, the ambassador said that Nigerians told him about the things he wrote. Can one believe that those Nigerians told him that “radical Islam” was about “to take root in the northern part of Nigeria?” But if we were to accept that he was told or he concluded that “radical Islam was beginning to take root in the northern part of Nigeria” as of 2007, how does that translate into predicting “blood thirsty uprisings against government authority?” This is a non sequitor unless you know that plans are underway to encourage a sector of the Islamic community to rebel against government authority. General Collin Powell told Nigerians in 2010 when he came to Abuja for the “tenth anniversary of democracy in Nigeria” that General Sanni Abacha telephoned him in 1993 before he carried out the coup to topple the government of Ernest Shonekan.
He said that Abacha told him that he was going to topple the government, but he begged him not to do so. But I know this was not true for the simple reason that only a fool will believe that. No one will plan a coup only to announce it to a friend on the telephone before the execution of the coup knowing that discovery of the coup would lead to his instant execution. Yet our government was powerless to detain Collin Powell to interrogate him on what he knew of that coup which like most coups was likely funded, aided, and abetted by the US government. In fact, I would say categorically that Collin Powell, representing the US government, was more likely to have been the one who told him to carry out the coup.
According to Uche Igwe, the US ambassador wrote that “…ubiquitous patronage, official corruption, and incompetence have started to spread rapidly due to oil money.” This is a specious piece for no other reason than that Nigeria did not just start having oil money in 2004 when the ambassador started his tour of duty in Nigeria. Neither did patronage and official corruption start in 2004. These ills have been in existence in Nigeria since at least the time of Babangida as head of state, that is, from 1985. So why write about it in 2007 as if it were a new phenomenon if there were no ulterior motives behind such a book? We know that governments in Nigeria are not the best that Nigerians deserve. But for quite some time, we have lived happily and Nigerians are some of the happiest people on earth. Yet the ambassador saw “possibility of state failure” and the unleashing of “religious and ethnic conflicts” according to Igwe.
It seems that the ambassador was writing based on a secret plan to make Nigeria a failed state. Wikileaks reported in exposed American embassy transcripts that the US ambassador said that President Jonathan did not take the American war on terror seriously as Jonathan did not believe that Nigerians were capable of being terrorists. This book coupled with articles by the US Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in Washington, DC that later predicted that Nigeria would be a failed state in 2015, are for the masses to consume and begin to think that their country would indeed be a failed state as the US and its allies work assiduously to make that a reality. The US uses long lead times to accomplish its strategic goals in the world. By starting to write such a book with predictions that seem to materialize years after the initial publication of the book, the planners want you to believe that the connections that are later drawn between the books, articles, and DVDs and the events, are stochastic or random, and the writers, just clairvoyant.
The US and her allies made a big deal about the transition from one Nigerian civilian government in 2007 to another saying that hell would be let loose as Nigeria had never made a successful transition from a civil to another civil government. However, to their disappointment, mayhem was not let loose in Nigeria and Obasanjo was re-elected in peace. Then came the next election and again, doom was predicted and yet again, peace prevailed as Jonathan was elected in 2011. Back in the time of President Yar A’dua, they were very anxious that he vacate the post because he was not interested in cementing ties with the US government, nor was he interested in fighting the war on terror.
No sooner was he sick than they started a campaign to get his vice president to take over. There were all sorts of articles in American and the local press funded by America, suggesting that Jonathan take over and when Jonathan finally took over, they hurriedly met with him while Nigerian governors were lined up in Abuja to see him. They were given priority to see the new Nigerian president while Nigerian governors had to take their turns after the three US officials, according to newspaper reports. This same group, after hours of discussion with the president, went on to see former head of state and self declared president of Nigeria, retired General Babangida in Minna. Till this day, there are no communiques issued of the discussions these Americans had with the president of Nigeria or with the former strong man of Nigeria, General Babangida.
Boko Haram has finally made it possible for an American presence with the kind of tools they want to wield in Nigeria. In short measure, they have brought uninvited, their surveillance planes, human intelligence, their allies, France and the UK, to Nigeria. Soon, they will be asking us once again to open our doors for the stationing of their African Military Command Center (Africom) which is presently housed in Stuttgart, Germany or off the coast of Somalia in the Indian Ocean. This time they are likely to be successful because they have succeeded in appealing to fear among the Nigerian people. This fear mongering has been used over and over by the US in Nigeria and elsewhere and even at home in the US. There have been many instances. A couple of examples will suffice here.
The first one was during the tenure of Internal Affairs minister, Mrs.Akinyuli who immediately countered by saying that there were no terrorists in Lagos when the US embassy announced that they had intelligence suggesting that some foreign embassies in Lagos were to be bombed. Nothing happened at that time, as no bombs were discovered or detonated in Lagos. Then recently, since the girls have been abducted, the ambassador once again announced that they had intelligence reports that Lagos was to see some terrorist activities. At this point governor Fashola of Lagos asked them to exercise decorum and use official diplomatic channels to give whatever information they have to the Nigerian government that will then tell her people; not announce it to all and sundry and thereby create panic. One does not have to be a genius to deduce that what the Americans wanted in Lagos by making such an announcement public, was panic among the Nigerian masses.
Thus the Americans want to create fear leading to panic and an invitation to come over and help with their superior military force. What better way to prevent any future terrorist activities than to invite America to permanently station their Africom, which has been soundly rejected by the African Union, in Nigeria. America is counting on the assumption that Nigeria being the most populous nation in Africa could be counted on to reverse the stance by all the nations of Africa, on the grounds that she is being terrorized by Boko Haram and needed the help of the US. It is hoped that President Jonathan -will not, like Musharaf, the former strong man of Pakistan, allow the Americans to station their death machines in Nigeria or have their military drones hover over Nigerian airspace and make extra-judicial killings of innocent Nigerians and suspected terrorists who are not given the benefit of doubt through trial in a court of law before being killed.
From the actions of the US government shortly after the 911 attacks, many people started wondering if the attacks were not what the government actually wanted. More and more it appeared that way and indeed, it turned out, under scrutiny, to be what the government had ordered. There is every reason to suspect that the US government is actively supporting Boko Haram as has been stated by a writer in the Washington Post. The Post stated that the CIA was refurbishing 800 shoulder carried anti-aircraft missiles that were destined for Boko Haram and other terrorist militia a couple of years ago. If the CIA is doing it, they are doing it for the United States government since the CIA is an agency of the United States government. Thus we are in for a long and devastating relationship with the US as they have finally succeeded in raising the stature of the Boko Haram insurgency to the level where they have been able to force their presence on the Nigerian scene, uninvited.
I would end with this insightful editorial excerpt from the Nigerian Guardian relating to America’s offer of a prize tag on the capture of the leader of Boko Haram and the proscription of Boko Haram by President Jonathan: “Worse still, the proscription came barely a day after the U.S. offer of $7 million for the capture of the leader of the sect, Abubakar Shekau; and appeared, to that extent, to be a reactionary measure that may allow the U.S. wider influence in the country, in the guise of fighting terrorism. This worry is not misplaced, against the history of recent U.S. interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq, which showed that the United States has neither an altruistic motive nor clean records in executing such interventions. Rather, they usually end up complicating the matters both in terms of security, human rights and development”(Emphasis, mine).
Capt. Philip A. Ikomi, Ph.D.
Retired Airline Captain and I/O Psychologist

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