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Samuelson Iwuoha & the Election Rigging stories – By Kenneth Uwadi

By Kenneth Uwadi | Imo, Nigeria | March 28, 2019 – It is afternoon and the day is baking hot. Trudging along a dusty road beneath a spark plug sky without a cloud in sight gets old fast. There are beaches and sand off to one side and on the other a gently rising hillside covered with what passes for a forest hereabouts but I am either over dressed (according to my sweating armpits) or underdressed (if I acknowledge the sunburn on the back of my neck and arms). I was also in a foul mood. Reading online what Citizen Ikenna Samuelson wrote gave me an ugly, angry feeling. Iwuoha’s write up was titled Hope Uzodinma, INEC and the plot to subvert the will of Ndi-Imo. He accused Uzodinma of plotting to rig the Imo governorship election. After I’ve walked for twenty minutes, a bright red Lexus rumbles out of the heat haze and pulls up beside me. Maureen waved at me from the driver’s seat. She was wearing aviator mirror shades, a bikini and a see-through silk sarong. Things we see in Bonny Island. I do visit Bonny Island to see James.

She pulled off slowly and I flop into the grove-leather passenger seat. We drove in silence for about five minutes. My mind went back to Iwuoha. I see Iwuoha as someone who is finding it difficult to come to reality, someone who is finding it difficult to let go of the fact that Uche Nwosu his kinsman lost the governorship flag of the APC to Senator Hope Uzodinma. Some people hang on to pains and misery for too long. Some people don’t heal because they hang on to the past. We have read of some persons who have hung on to a failed relationship for half a century. People who have hung on to an old problem for years and years would be the last to admit this: it has become an unnecessarily excuse for them. To some of them it has become a way to grumble about others. Iwuoha and supporters of Uche Nwosu are so bitter that Hope Uzodinma ate their lunch by stopping the third term agenda of governor Okorocha when he defeated Nwosu to clinch the APC governorship flag. They have since resorted to junks and propaganda.

Maureen stared at me chewing her lips thoughtfully. But I was still thinking about Samuelson who alleged that INEC has compromised its credibility, dignity and integrity. That Senator Uzodinma is busy planning on how to rig the forth coming governorship election.That by appointed Chief Cosmos Iwu (Whose Wife, Mrs Pat Iwu Is A Senior Staff Of INEC) , Director General Of his Campaign Outfit, Uzodinma plots to rig the election. This is a dangerous first episode in an ugly tantrum. I do not think that someone should write for the sake of just writing. So INEC is now written off as incapable of organizing an acceptable poll because the wife of Hope Uzodinma’s campaign DG works in the commission? Is Hope Uzodinma’s method of campaign and consultations as well as those in his campaign team now reason to accuse him of plot to rig elections? Is there any shoddy and slow manner in which the voters’ registration exercise was conducted nationwide by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)? Is there any fundamental flaw in the activities of INEC that is a threat to the credibility of the 2019 general elections? Or is there something Samuelson is not telling us? Or is this a case of lets accuse him of what we on our own are planning to do? Is it that Uche Nwosu and his father In-law have already conceded defeat by saying someone plot to rig the governorship election of the state? Few days to the election and Nwosu’s foot soldiers are shouting the system is rigged.

I took a deep breath. Maureen stopped the car. ‘Follow me’, she picked up the towel, shut the car trunk and heads towards the beach. But I was still thinking about Samuelson. This man ought to know by now that propaganda will not work in 2019. It worked for Rochas in 2010 and 2011 when he sponsored the lies that Ohakim flogged a Rev father. It worked for Samuelson in 2010 when he raised an alarm that the then governor flogged him. We are not in 2010. We are also not in 2011. To ensure that the election isn’t taken away from Nwosu like the cake they think they are entitled to, they are all over the social media blackmailing Uzodinma.. Okorocha no longer believes he can make his son in-law the next governor. He hates to lose. Rather than his son in-law losing gracefully at the governorship primaries and conceding and wishing the winner well as almost every single governorship aspirant in recent history has done, they are knocking over the checkerboard sponsoring propaganda here and there.

Ndi Imo wants to put an end to this present government of clowns. We need not say here that the patience of the people have ran out .Our patience with the legislature which should have been the watch dog on the clownish executive have also ran out . Our Legislatures spent 8 years, some 4 years singing hallelujah vibes to the Governor. Now the question on the lips of Imo People is “if Okorocha can perform so badly in 8 years with surplus money coming from here and there, with the bells already tolling for another election, where will the magic of getting the votes that will make his son in-law Uche Nwosu the governor then come from. Also how can one expect performance from Nwosu if he becomes governor when his father in-law will still be in control of the state and now that the economy is battered in terms of revenue whereas precious years were wasted on frivolous matters.We ask again, what happened to the billions of naira bailout funds, Paris refund funds, LGA funds, ISOPADEC funds etc. When I remember the crippled condition of ADAPALM, I weep.

From the foregoing there is no doubt the fact that indeed Imo State a beautiful state blessed with fertile and productive landscape is “in chains” courtesy of rulers without vision. And these rulers without vision must go come March 2019. Election will be conducted free and fair and Hope Uzodinma will win because God is with him and the people are with him. He is on a mission to deliver Imo State.The Lord rejected Saul as King . God said, “I regret that I have made Saul king, because he has turned away from me. I’m going to take Saul’s kingdom and give it to David. I will take away the kingdom from the dynasty of Saul by making the throne of David firm over Israel. Samuel said to Saul, “The Lord has torn the kingdom of Israel from you. God has rejected Nwosu and will make Uzodinma king. He who has ears let him hear. Imo ga dinma ozo.

Kenneth Uwadi writes from Mmahu-Egbema , Imo State and can be reached via 08037982714


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