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As Darkness Threatens to Engulf Nigeria – By Tochukwu Ezunkanma


By Tochukwu Ezukanma | Lagos, Nigeria | August 08, 2023 –  Most Nigerians were horror-struck by the All Progressive Congress {APC} and Independent National Election Commission {INEC} broad day light electoral banditry that bestowed victory on the loser of the February 25th, 2023 presidential election, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and declared him the president-elect. However, we found solace in the knowledge that the winner of the election, Peter Obi, and his political party are not relenting in their resolve to claim their mandate. They are in court to overturn the Tinubu “victory”.

The bestowal of “victory” on the loser of the presidential election is a rape on democracy; it should not stand. It is an unconscionable assault on the institutional moorings and anchors of democracy, and a conscienceless repudiation of the collective will of Nigerians. We had expected our moral icons and social crusaders to be in the lead in the rally against APC/INEC fiendish collusion in electoral robbery.

Lamentably, a supposed moral icon, Pastor Chris Oyahilome, is extolling the rape on democracy. Oyahilome prophesied the victory of Peter Obi in the presidential election. In what smacked of guile, his prophesy took refuge in verbal hedging. Thus, he prophesied the outcome of the presidential election, without mentioning the names of the contenders. He said that the winner of the presidential election will be the candidate whose name is in the Bible. Of the major contenders in the presidential election, only Obi’s name, Peter, is in the Bible. And refreshingly, Peter Obi won the election. 

Why then is Oyahilome not disgusted by the electoral fraud that stripped Obi of his victory and gave it to the loser, Tinubu? Why is he now unabashedly rooting for Tinubu’s “victory”? Why is he using his pulpit and perverting the word of God to exalt the outcome of APC/INEC hideous connivance in electoral thievery? In his defense of Tinubu’s “victory”, he is, essentially, defending the indefensible, and desecrating the sanctity and spiritual authority of the pulpit with his monstrous sophistries couched in Christian homilies. With his twisted logic and distorted Biblical analogies, he is warming his way into the hearts of Tinubu and the APC evil cabal, and angling for his own piece of the pie.

Another barefaced turncoat is Wole Sonyinka. Sonyinka insisted that Nigeria needs a president that can be trusted with money. And to him, amongst the leading presidential candidates, only Peter Obi can be trusted with money. Why is he not deeply troubled by, and unequivocally opposed to, that atrocious electoral legerdemain that made the loser the winner? He has not only turned a blind eye to it, but is, in his opportunism and hypocrisy, panegyrizing its nauseating outcome: Tinubu, as president-elect. In addition, he is taking verbal swipes at Peter Obi and the Obedient Movement. He talks stupidly, but learnedly.


Nigerians have confidence in the judiciary; we are hopeful that the judges will do the right thing, and do it timely. The facts and evidence on the APC/INEC election rigging and breach of electoral rules and guidelines are blindly clear and incontestably palpable. To stabilize our totter democracy, the judges must restore the victory of the legitimate winner of the February 25th, 2023 presidential election, Peter Obi. An Obi presidency will be watershed – a break from the past – liberation from the strangulating grip of APC evil cabal on Nigeria. It will mark a renaissance that will nudge Nigeria into the ranks of the progressive and respected countries of the world. Obi succinctly summed it up: my goal, as president, is to make Nigeria the pride of the world.


On the other hand, it rends the heart to image what a Tinubu presidency will do to Nigeria. For one, “Nobody who steals political power uses it for the good of the people.” Secondly, he has pledged to continue with Buharism. Buharism is marked by unfulfilled electoral promises, exacerbation of all our national problems and disdain for human lives. Considering the ravages Buharisn wrought on the country, why would anyone want to continue with it? It is to continue to advance the interests of an evil cabal that has, for so long, held the country in the throes of poverty, anarchy, ignorance, insecurity, etc.


Tinubu’s personal and political antecedence is teeming with question marks, and blemished by criminality, mendacity, corruption, avarice, thuggery, and cronyism. As governor of Lagos State, Lagosians has a test of Tinubuism. He ran the state as his personal estate, and literally parceled it out to himself, family members, friends, loyalists, acolytes and cronies. He organized and empowered thugs: his private army. The thugs are to him what private armies have always been to dictators and tyrants – the Storm Troopers were to Adolf Hitler and the Red Army was to Mao Tse Tung – veritable tool of intimidation, suppression and brutalization of political opponents.


As president, Tinubu will unavoidably exhibit his personal traits and replicate his political modus operandi – that is, Tinubuism – at the national level. With his pledged continuation of Buharism, his presidency will be tantamount to a combination of Buharism and Tinubuism. A combination of Buharism and Tinubuism will spell doom for Nigeria. And darkness will engulf Nigeria.


Tochukwu Ezukanma writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

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