The Nigerian Complex – The Young and the Savvy Dare Take Their Country By Storm – By Dr. Cliff Edogun

ABOUT THE BOOK : The Nigerian Complex – The Young and the Savvy Dare Take Their Country By Storm” – By Dr. Cliff Edogun Purchase details below: This 408-page novel of epic satirical drama depicts the struggle and the rise of the unemployed and marginalized digital generation of educated Nigerian youths who apply social media […]

The New Progressive Mandate: Lessons for Jonathan – By Dr. Cliff I. Edogun

By Dr. Cliff I Edogun, NNP, April 26, 2011  The Electoral Realignment The first concrete reality coming out of the presidential poll of April 16 is the emergence of a new electoral realignment that may have conclusively dislodged the  previous status quo political network for good. For what many have long considered a natural coalition, […]

Youth Power for a Peaceful Revolution

Cliff I. Edogun, PhD, North America Director, NIGERIA RALLY MOVEMENT <> [email protected] NIGERIAN YOUTH, ARISE, UNITE AND TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY! Somehow, with the notable exception of sore losers like the unproductive and intellectually lazy Speaker of the Nigerian National Assembly, many skeptic Nigerians are now suddenly falling in line to accept that a democratic […]

An Urgent Letter to Nigerian Military by Dr. Cliff Edogun

By Cliff I. Edogun, PhD, NNP – Feb 28, 2001 – I thought we should commence this long overdue conversation now as we look forward hopelessly to the general elections holding in April. As you are now fully aware, the Egyptian military just introduced a credibly new paradigm for emergency military intervention in the politics […]

For the Attention of Goodluck Jonathan & Nuhu Ribadu-By Cliff I. Edogun,PhD

By Dr. Cliff I. Edogun, NNP – Feb 1, 2011 – At no time in our checkered political history have Nigerian voters been offered such a choice between two new generation of political leaders whose intellectual depth and sense of vision far surpass the trove of auctioned certificate and degree holders of our recent past. […]

The Template for a Nigerian Revolution

By Dr. Cliff I. Edogun, PhD, NNP, Jan 3, 2011 – In time past, some have dared to suggest that only a violent revolutionary change will transform Nigeria from its current 18th century fief into a competitive modern state. The mention of the word “revolution” always sounded toxic to most belle-full Nigerian educated and economic […]


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