The Dangers of President Jonathan’s Desperation – By Frisky Larr

By Frisky Larr | NNP | June 9, 2013 – The body language of President Jonathan these days betrays everything but ease. It betrays defiance. Not often do we see the lips of this rather innocent and calm looking middle-aged man drawn tightly together and pointed, the wrinkles around the eyes drawn loosely upwards with […]

What do Hobby Bloggers say Today who made Obasanjo their Punching Bag? – By Frisky Larr

By Frisk Larr / NNP / May 20, 2013 – When I started taking on hate-filled critics of former President Olusegun Obasanjo during the days of his 8-year tenure, many hurled abuses at me and called me a sellout! Very few recognized my passion for putting facts in their correct perspective no matter how bitter […]

Is Boko Haram Just a Label? What Game is Playing Out There? – By Fris

By Frisky Larr / NNP / March 7, 2013Is Boko Haram just a Label? What Game is playing out here? Nigerian readers will need no recap to understand what Boko Haram stands for. It is a phenomenon that trails the daily lives of individuals like a psychological shadow stretching over the entire country from Maiduguri. […]

President Jonathan, Why is it All Looking So Messy? By Frisky Larr

By Frisky Larr / NNP / Feb.13′ 2013 – For us in the communication and media business, the nuts and bolts of success in positions of public exposure are basically the ability to communicate and connect with target audiences. In today’s world of modern communication media, hardly any public office survives the demands of public […]

Is Oshiomole Getting Too Desperate in Edo State? – By Frisky Larr

By Frisky Larr | NNP | June 15, 2012 – Within the past two months, Nigerians have witnessed not less than ten media headlines reporting the alarm raised by Governor Adams Oshiomole over impending electoral manipulations in Edo state. Each time, he is accusing the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of planning to rig the […]

Can a Northerner Ever Be De-tribalized in Nigeria? – By Frisky Larr

By Frisky Larr | NNP | May 14, 2012 – Let’s face it. In the present dispensation, northern Nigeria has produced three brilliant Nigerians of the younger generation, on which Nigerians may build their hope for a better tomorrow. You may have guessed right if your mindset works like mine. To be precise though, my […]

Subsidy Removal: Whose Interest Was the President Protecting? – By Frisky Larr

By Frisky Larr | NNP | May 7, 2012 – The rude awakening on New Year’s Day is yet to be forgotten. The wounds have hardly healed and the scars are all too visible. Yet more insults are added to injuries thanks to questions that never get answered. Every passing day in the Presidency of […]

Who Doesn’t Wish Obasanjo Back as President? – By Frisky Larr

By Frisky Larr, NNP, Feb. 8, 2012 – Putting all jokes aside, I can assure whoever takes time to read this essay that the number of people who quietly wish to have Olusegun Obasanjo back as President may be growing by the day if a frank and earnest statistic is taken. I will come back […]

Fresh Momentum Against Corruption But Who Will Bell the Cat? – By Frisky Larr

By Frisky Larr, NNP, Jan. 25, 2012 – If there is any lesson to be learnt from President Jonathan’s latest Harakiri policy implementation on New Year’s Day, it’s just one. The government attempted to construct a long, windy by-pass road away from the fight against corruption in the oil sector. It sought to travel the […]

Jonathan’s Nigeria: Teetering on the Brink & Hanging on the Precipice – By Frisky Larr

By Frisky Larr, NNP , Jan. 20, 2012 – The situation is still fresh in our minds. Then President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua stated while hosting Oby Ezekwesili that his predecessor wasted close to $10 billion in the power sector with nothing to show for it. His then Special Assistant, Engineer Foluseke Shomolu sent the President […]


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