Nigeria @ 56: Celebrate or Go Hang Yourself – By Hakeem Babalola

By Hakeem Babalola | Budapest, Hungary | Oct. 1, 2016 – Bi o san ko san olorun ma fi were dan mi wo (Whether it can be cured or not, oh Lord, I reject the affliction of madness). There is too much madness in Nigeria. Nigeria is mad. Nigerians are mad. But Nigeria must celebrate […]

Muhammadu, Am I Fantastically Corrupt? By Hakeem Babalola

By Hakeem Babalola | Budapest, Hungary | May 16, 2016 – They now say I am fantastically corrupt. Is this true or not? Fantastically corrupt! I know I am corrupt, but am I fantastically corrupt? Are they right to say I am fantastically corrupt? Even if I am fantastically corrupt, is it right for my […]

Nigerian Intellectuals: A Rotten knowledge – By Hakeem Babalola

By Hakeem Babalola | Budapest, Hungary | Feb. 13, 2015 – The ability to understand and deal with ideas and information is needed in life. I repeat: the ability to understand, learn, and think things out quickly is the hallmark of doing a task successfully and without wasting time or energy.    So when the […]

U-17 World Cup: If Boys Aren’t Men, Nigeria Shall Rule the World – By Hakeem Babalola

By Hakeem Babalola | Budapest, Hungary | Nov. 18, 2013 – I have followed the FIFA U-17 World Cup United Arab Emirates with much enthusiasm and calmness of the mind. As African, I always want African teams to excel; and as Nigerian, I definitely love Nigeria to “super-excel”. I like good football but whenever my […]

Pictures: Charity Marks Nigeria’s Anniversary in Budapest

By Hakeem Babalola, Budapest, Hungary The Embassy of Nigeria in Budapest celebrated the country’s 52nd Independence Day with a visit to two social institutions in that country. The gesture, described as part of “a practical expression to bring the two countries and their people closer”, is the first of its kind by the embassy since […]

TV2’s False Report About Nigerians in Hungary – Hakeem Babalola

By Hakeem Babalola | Budapest, Hungary | May 14, 2012 – I think I should start by saying this: Nothing makes me proud than seeing my country and its appointed representatives doing the right thing regarding our welfare.  The recent false report by the Hungarian TV2 concerning Nigerian citizens is worth commenting on; and the […]

Subsiding Fraud, Lies and Blood – By Hakeem Babalola

By Hakeem Babalola, Budapest, Hungary, Jan. 15, 2012 – Certain things make a government a government. Trust, sensitivity and timing are three attributes any worthy government should possess. Even an unworthy government must strife and probably endure the pain – of possessing TST. A government without TST is like committing a sin of rebellion. Notice […]

Ambassador Promises Welfare of Citizens Living in Hungary – By Hakeem Babalola

By Hakeem Babalola, Budapest, Hungary – August 24, 2011 – The newly appointed Nigerian ambassador to Hungary, Mr. Charles Ononye, has promised Nigerians living in the country that their welfare is of the utmost importance – both to the embassy and the Nigerian government in general. Ononye disclosed this and many other pressing issues during […]

Jonathan & co: Swear them in by axe & cutlass – By Hakeem Babalola

By Hakeem Babalola, Budapest, Hungary – May 30, 2011 – Ogun the god of iron! O’lomi nle f’eje we (he who has plenty of water to bath yet prefers blood).  O’laso nle f’imo kimo bora! Ogun l’akaiye Osinmole! Onile kangunkangun orun! I simply love Ogun’s oriki… Nigerians in government are known for their total disregard […]

INEC: Their Trust Duped – By Hakeem Babalola

By Hakeem Babalola, Budapest, Hungary – April 7, 2011 – We’re all analysing with a first class self-deceit. How can we sorrow about the postponed election when we have already projected Nigeria as doomed? Don’t we understand INEC is part of that doom we have been mouthing about? To be surprised is to be part […]


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