Like Mandela, Like Saro-Wiwa – By Laburah Ganago

By Laburah Ganago | Atlanta, USA | Jan. 12, 2014 – One, a lawyer, the other a writer; both had a common thread running through their veins. They saw themselves as having been called to a higher duty- to deliver their oppressed peoples from the shackles of internal colonization. And they had an utmost conviction […]

Shelling Nigeria – By Leburah Ganago

By Leburah Ganago / Atlanta, GA / Jan. 5, 2013 – Actually, this caption belongs to Femi Oyafemi who in his thought provoking piece in The Punch (Nigeria), newspaper of Friday December 27, 1996, diligently exposed Shell’s complicity in the executive murder(apologies to Professor Ben Nwabueze) of the Ogoni Nine, on November 10, 1995. In […]

November 10: Wanted – Justice for Ken Saro-Wiwa – By Leburah Ganago

By Leburah Ganago | Atlanta, USA | Nov. 18, 2012 – “As of this moment, I found that the Ogoni people are going extinct . No hospitals, no schools. There is nothing. And yet, this is a very rich area. I cannot accept that paradox … I have perceived a great injustice being done to […]

Of Politics, Freespeech & Religious Extremism – By Leburah Ganago

By Leburah Ganago | NPP | Oct. 4 , 2012 – In the 2012 election year, Republicans have made it clear that bad news is good news for them. All along, they have been strategizing  for bad economic news- slow economic recovery, bad monthly job reports  have always provided them with their own version of […]

Oil Subsidy Removal is Jonathan’s Achille Heel – By Leburah Ganago

By Leburah Ganago, Atlanta, USA – Jan. 9, 2012 – Oil subsidy removal has become a recurring decimal in the economic or is it political, equation of successive Nigerian administrations; military or civilian. It is a bitter pill recklessly forced down the throat of Nigerians, every now and then, by their usually dubious rulers. In […]

NOVEMBER 10: What We Owe Ken Saro-Wiwa – By Leburah Ganago

By Leburah Ganago, Atlanta, Georgia, USA – Nov. 10, 2011 –     “The Nigerian government recognizes that what I am saying is the truth. They would wish that this truth is not told. They would like to hoodwink   the public. The people who are ruling Nigeria now are   just a cabal who are not interested in […]

Nigeria 2011: Why Jonathan May Not Get His Wish

By Leburah Ganago, Atlanta, Georgia, USA – Mar 18, 2010 – “ Blighted by violence, voter apathy and party boycott in some cases, the local council elections that were held in most states of the federation on March 27 bear the hall mark of a farce ”. ( The Guardian, April 8, 2004).In his interview […]


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