An Open Letter to the Governor of Lagos State, His Excellency, Babatunde Fashola and Lagos State Legislators – By Dr. Philip A. Ikomi

By Dr. Philip A. Ikomi | NNP | July 19, 2014 – Your Excellency and Honorable Lawmakers: I salute your hard work and diligence in the art of your exemplary executive rule and legislation respectively, in Lagos State. I lived in Lagos beginning in1967 when I was an Upper Sixth student at King’s College, Lagos, […]

Mr. President, We Don’t Need Another City of Hope – By Dr. Philip A. Ikomi

By Dr. Philip A. Ikomi | NNP | July 3, 2014 – A few days ago, I tuned my television to a new channel. The channel has probably been transmitting for quite some time and is not new; but it was new to me because I just stumbled into it while searching for a station […]

Nigeria’s Colonial Heritage Undermining Modernization and Development – By Dr. Philip Ikomi

By Dr. Philip Ikomi | NNP | June 19, 2014 – Many Nigerians who are old enough to remember or whose parents were beneficiaries of the colonial dispensation look back with nostalgia to colonial rule and wish we still had the Britons in Nigeria today. After independence in 1960, Nigerians in the civil service were […]

Fuel Subsidies – Who is Being Subsized? – By Dr. Philip A. Ikomi

By Dr. Philip A. Ikomi | NNP | June 9, 2014 – The current National Conference has taken on the task of debating the question of fuel subsidy. Yet it is not clear who is really being subsidized. Some delegates who are really interested in making a case for continued subsidy find themselves arguing for […]

The Military is NOT Welcome Here – By Dr. Philip A. Ikomi

By Dr. Philip A. Ikomi | NNP | May 27, 2014 – I do not claim to have lived in the country throughout the length of time that most Nigerians lived in the country to have witnessed the entire military rule of the country. However, I lived in Nigeria for the greater part of the […]

Rejoinder: “Was John Campbell Right About Nigeria? By Uche Igwe (NNP 5/14/2014).” By Capt. Philip A. Ikomi, Ph.D.

Read – Opinion: Was John Campbell Right About Nigeria? Dr. Philip A. Ikomi | NNP | May 22, 2014 – There is now no doubt that the United States government and allied governments, including the governments of the United Kingdom and France, have some sinister plans for the future of Nigeria. Judging by the so […]

The Vexed Question of Federal Character – By Dr. Philip A. Ikomi

By Dr. Philip A. Ikomi | NNP | May 14, 2014 – I was one of the first students to attend one of the Federal Government Colleges in the country. In other words, I was a pioneer student in those schools. In fact, I attended two of the schools and then ended up in an […]

Double Standards in Perception of Incumbency: Developing Countries vs Developed Countries – Dr. Philip Ikomi

By Dr. Philip Ikomi | NNP | April 5, 2014 – Not too long ago, the world witnessed an open campaign to dislodge Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, from office following the dissatisfaction felt by the “international community” with his handling the matter concerning the agreement regarding his fellow fighters earlier signed with the […]

RE: Damning US Corruption Report on Nigeria – By Dr. Philip Ikomi

By Dr. Philip Ikomi | NNP | March 25, 2014 – It is quite nauseating to read on the pages of Nigerian newspapers stories such as the subject of this article. Who cares? One would like to know the basis of the US report. Why does the US give reports about various countries around the […]

Rejoinder to Dr. Nkwocha’s “No Basis for Unity” – By Dr. Philip Ikomi

By Dr. Philip Ikomi | NNP | March 22, 2014 – It is said that there are several ways to skin a cat. So also there are several ways to argue. It is usual for a person to pick ideas that best support what they intend to portray or convey to the listener or readers. […]


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