Re: IPOB is an insurgency, not a terrorist organization

By Jideofor Adibe | Nasarawa, Nigeria | October 15, 2017 –My last week’s column, ‘IPOB is an insurgency, not a terrorist organization’, elicited a remarkable number of comments – kudos and criticisms as one would expect when one throws one’s hat onto the public space. Space will not permit me to reproduce some of the […]

The Mantra, ‘Nigerian Unity is not Negotiable’, is Pseudo-nationalism – By By Dr. Jideofor Adibe

By Dr. Jideofor Adibe | Nasarawa, Nigeria | August 22, 2017 – Nigerians love mantras – statements or slogans repeated frequently enough that they begin to sound like established facts or self-evident truths. Recently in this column (on June 22 2017), I interrogated the mantra of ‘generation shift’, which was renewed with vigour following the […]

Separatist agitations in Nigeria: Causes and Trajectories (I)- By Dr. Jideofor Adibe

By Dr. Jideofor Adibe | Abuja, Nigeria | August 2017 – President Buhari’s health challenges have sparked intrigue in Nigeria and awakened the politics of succession, which revolve around an assumed power-sharing arrangement between the northern and the southern parts of the country. This intrigue is reminiscent of what happened when former President Umaru Musa […]

‘Restructuring’ is Just Another Empty Buzzword – By Dr. Jideofor Adibe

By Dr. Jideofor Adibe | Abuja, Nigeria | August 1, 2017 –  Restructuring is currently the buzzword in the country.  But it is just an important-sounding but empty technical word, which means little other than to give false impression to ordinary folks that one holds the magic wand that will make all the problems in […]

Reno Omokri: What We Can Learn from One Another – By Dr. Jideofor Adibe

Dr. Jideofor Adibe  | Abuja, Nigeria | June 9, 2017 –  Reno Omokri: What we can learn from one another   Reno Omokri’s article, ‘Hegemony: What the Igbo can learn from Yoruba and Fulani about power’ – published in the Vanguard of June 3, 2017, was very insightful and could mainstream conversations about inter-ethnic perceptions […]

Are You Considering a Career as Whistle-Blower? – By Dr. Jideofor Adibe

By Dr. Jideofor Adibe | Abuja, Nigeria | May 16, 2017 – There is a very funny cartoon trending in the social media. It is about a teacher who asked some pupils what they would like to be when they grow up. The pupils all replied they would want to become whistleblowers. The federal government […]

Why it is in India’s interest to fight Afrophobia – By Dr. Jideofor Adibe

By Dr. Jideofor Adibe / Abuja, Nigeria / April 16, 2017 – The recent racist attack against some Nigerians in India has once again opened up important conversations about xenophobia and racism in Ghandi’s country as the country strives to play more important roles in global affairs with its increasing economic prosperity. Economic affluence, like an […]

When President Buhari returns…By Dr. Jideofor Adibe

By Dr. Jideofor Adibe / Abuja, Nigeria / April 9, 2017 –  People who believe that Nigerians asking questions about when Buhari should come back to the country are ‘busy bodies’ who should leave the President alone to recuperate and return to the country at his convenience, do not get it. There is something called […]

The Evolution of Yemi Osinbajo – By Dr. Jideofor Adibe

By Dr. Jideofor Adibe | Abuja, Nigeria | March 13, 2017 –    The Evolution of Yemi Osinbajo Jideofor Adibe   Acting President Professor Yemi Osinbajo has been receiving deserved kudos for the way he has been holding forte since Buhari went on medical vacation in England on January 19 2017. In this round as […]

Time to scrap the EFCC – By Dr. Jideofor Adibe

        By Dr. Jideofor Adibe | Abuja, Nigeria | Feb. 24, 2017 – This piece was motivated by two inter-related developments: the first is the furore caused by several corruption allegations against some top officials of the Buhari government and the reported directive by the President to the Attorney General of the […]




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