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Tinubu: The Near Feminization of Melaye – By Odimegwu Onwumere

By Odimegwu Onwumere  | Rivers State, Nigeria | July 26, 2016 – Senator Dino Melaye, the lawmaker representing Kogi West senatorial district and Senator Oluremi Tinubu, the Senator representing Lagos Central Senatorial District in the National Assembly, on Tuesday, the 12th of July, 2016, during an executive meeting, started a feud that was brought to the public consciousness.


Many people had condemned Melaye for allegedly making a statement during the altercation that he would beat Tinubu. Hardly did anyone arrogate blame to Tinubu. The later statement could be the reason in the USA, the enlightened among them coined a sentence thus – “Men-the New Women” – to show how men over there have been feminized and their women, ‘butchificated’. 


Many men have eaten up feminists’ garri and egusi soup every step of the way but certainly, this food is not for all men like Melaye.


The Melayes have said and shown in their character that they are not girlie-men who buy beauty products as women and do not have identity crisis, no matter how feminists have pressed hard to bend them.


It’s discernible that governments have been helping to turn men into little puppies before women by instigating in the minds of young girls that they can do whatever they want to do in life, thereby feminizing men; forgetting that over a long period, men had played women’s protector.


An observer lamented: Women no longer need men as a provider, protector or father of their children; an anonymous semen donor can do the job of creating a baby if a woman so chooses. Since the 1960s, modern mothers have raised their sons to be women, soaking them in feminine values like accepting responsibility for household chores, being caring, understanding and attentive, and bend to every wish of a woman.


In the west, the current philosophy of western freethinking democracy is worldly humanism, which is chiefly feminine in character. Feminism has produced a crop of men who are now soft in behaviour, strength and they are insecure, because they are eroded masculinity.


In the west, anti-feminists are appalled of how boys grow up being feminized with dearth of any knowledge of “manly virtues like courage, resolve, self-sacrifice, justice, temperance, self-reliance, self-discipline and honour” because feminism churlishes these qualities once known of men. 


We learned a Camille Pagilla, self-professed “feminist dissident”, in the Daily Mail, saying, “The entire elite class now, in finance, in politics and so on, none of them have military service – hardly anyone, there are a few. But there is no prestige attached to it anymore. That is a recipe for disaster… These people don’t think in military ways, so there’s this illusion out there that people are basically nice, people are basically kind; if we’re just nice and benevolent to everyone, they’ll be nice too. They literally don’t have any sense of evil or criminality.’ According to Paglia, the results are there for all to see in the on-going dysfunction in Washington, where politicians ‘lack practical skills of analysis and construction’”.


The pressure was on Melaye to repudiate his comment and plead to Tinubu, but he was stuck to his gun, saying that he could not learn how to be a coward now. He defended the masculinity in him of which the pressure that was mounted on him to plead for forgiveness was invariably headed to feminize.


Much as modern civilizations condemn any form of violence, the pressure that was mounted on Melaye to apologize to Tinubu without a recourse to the contribution of the later to the saga, may be seen as the near feminization of Melaye; it may be seen as the extension of the unsurpassed influence that women from the western countries are spreading around the world since the last 30 years.


Women are garnering momentum at workplaces to the detriment of men, yet their voice is heard of how unequal opportunities they are yet to match with the men. Women in western societies no longer want macho men.  They are in love for/with men with feminine faces and features. But these are not for the Melayes of this world, no matter all that laws orchestrated to feminize men.


Women started this since World War II when men were in the battlefields, leaving the industrial fields for women. Since 2009, women, especially unmarried women, are toppling the men as breadwinners in a place like America, purchasing choice homes than the unmarried men. Yet, they breed children who never experienced fatherly role in their lives or know what it takes to be a man.


It’s even noted that the New Hampshire State Legislature is now made up of a majority of women. Women in government have continued to soar with a Hillary Clinton as the presidential hopeful for the Democrats in the USA.


Women are smiling for the recession that badly hit men with 80% of the jobs lost by men. This led the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives to characterize recession by a “he-cession.” Today, there are such matrix as, “Why Spoiled Western Women Don’t Want Men & Why They’d Rather Be Them.”


Yet, the ‘spoiled women’ around the world do not want to be to themselves and leave the Melayes of this world alone. The exposition of Tinubu at the National Assembly has shown that women are waxing stronger with propaganda such that they use template like – stop the violence against women – to draw worldwide pity and achieve their aim. Tinubu’s rather unfeminine gesture in the House, has buttressed a point that women are heading to not be known as weaker sex again, as against the aged-long periscope they have been viewed from.


Tinubu was afflicted with feminism and female gender-based affirmative biasness. The modern days women see any man that maintains his masculinity like Melaye as diehard chauvinists who only wallows in the ‘old school man’ mentality or is oblivious to accept the fact that women have become the  stronger sex and a gender bias, relieving men of their aged-long-held position.


Women are succeeding in their quest to feminize men by using such statements like “We have a long way to go and it’s still a man’s world” or “there are not enough women at the top of companies for it to be leaning toward a female society”. Today, women are having great influence on the young boys, hoping that since the old or older men still hold the masculinity mentality, they can feminize the young boys.


These women’s agenda to feminize the men is today being championed in the schools. For instance, in many countries of the world, Nursery teachers, Primary school teachers, after school care workers, Preschool care workers are all women.


It is apparent that in a country like the United Kingdom, about 90 per cent of the above professions are manned by women, unlike 20 years ago when such professions were 50 percent controlled by women.


An analyst said that boys are gravely under-achieving in public schools in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia, according to several recent research studies. Men now encompass scarcely 40% of enrolled University and College students and graduates.


This person went further to say: In 2009, for instance, women (will) earn more degrees in higher education than men in every possible category, from bachelor’s level to Ph.D.s, according to the U.S. Department of Education. When it comes to masters-level education, for instance, U.S. women earn 159 degrees for every 100 awarded to men.


The story goes further to say that for the first time, less than 50% of law school graduates are men in North America. There are female football coaches for high school boys, especially those boys raised by single mothers. The irony is that these single mothers once had “traditional family values conservatives”. 


Many men have become Mr. Mom only with a penis. Such men take authoritative orders from their women, without which, there won’t be peace in the house. Tinubu showed that she has this trait when she once left her seat and sat on the seat of the Deputy Speaker of Senate and was opposed to any male colleague she wanted to oppose without a blink of the eyelid.


Hardly is anyone asking questions why male fertility in sperm counts and disorders of the reproductive system of men have gone drastically bad since five decades now. Some people might not be seeing this as the feminization of men agenda.


Some persons are saying that evidence mounts that there is a hidden strategy to destroy male reproductive system with environmentalists and researchers giving the strategy a name – testicular dysgenesis syndrome.


They said it could be “gender-bending” chemicals – endocrine disrupters that are ever-present in the modern societies which are gradually feminizing men.


On July 10, 2015, Yvonne Holterman, a leading voice on this topic, gave instances of ways the society is feminizing men through food.


Holterman said that debating this is futile since the proponents of feminization of men are at work with high-tech conspiracy.


Even, the feminization of men agenda has been extended to male animals through Soy isoflavones, a chemical that makes animals aggressive.


There are high-estrogenic foods that are for the feminization of men. Holterman outlined them to be eight in number, like, Pesticides Through Conventionally Raised Fruits and Vegetables (Pesticides that are sprayed on conventionally grown vegetables (often GMOs) act as estrogens once ingested); Soy can decrease testosterone; Hormones in beef (To increase meat and milk products hormones are given to cows by some farmers. This meat, when ate by humans, is transferred to us. Once inside the body these compounds have strong estrogenic effects).


Others are Beer, Television and the Feminization of Men (Male feminization on television has slowly be conditioned into the psyche of men. This has dramatically altered behaviour patterns. To discuss this among some, it can be seen as homophobic. In reality, it’s recognizing that through diet and entertainment, a new male has risen and ‘he’ is more ‘she’ than ever.


Holterman went further to say that Unsaturated Fats (from vegetable oils are mostly soy, which is an estrogenic plant byproduct, among the highest on the planet. These are covered in pesticides, which come with their own estrogenic properties); BPA in Plastics (Xenoestrogen is a class of chemical that mimics estrogen in humans. Chemicals from plastics leak into cans, bottles, packaging of food, rivers, streams, lakes, oceans and everything else. Plastic is everywhere), and among others.


What many men and women who clapped hands for the wild-gender exposition of Tinubu did not take into cognizance was that effemination is a word for women and it is unmanly. They wanted Melaye to be effeminate while Tinubu, a rascal. But Melayes in the world are ashamed seeing men with effeminative qualities.


Some researchers have given instances that the agenda by the modern days’ women to feminize men is very unhealthy such that it is a serious problem. They applaud the Islamic society as holding tenaciously to masculinity, because no generation has survived being matriarchies. They said that matriarch societies do not survive and there has never been an Alexandra de Great or General Pat-Tina.  Even in Africa, some long-lasting stories spotted women inspiring wars, but they never led them. Men did.


Some gentle and masculine-loving women in Europe and America are even showing signs of anger how they lost their countries and continents to the crassness of feminism. And this is the same platform that the Tinubus want to introduce in Nigeria.


They forgot that women like them in the other continents see marriage as not for them because of their lack of respect for men. There are single mothers littered everywhere. A researcher said that this is becoming “a la Bristol Palin syndrome” in America.


The researcher regretted that the only masculine men in the world today are named Adamu, not Johnson. And the Adamus are fast taking over because they don’t prefer the girlie-men which the Tinubus are championing for men and not taking to account the death of the society they are causing.


Authorities and politicians even give assurance to the public that refugee males that entered Europe from the Middle East, Northern Africa and Central Asia would be made to learn that Western women are independent and sexually liberated. This may be seen as where the weakness of the world started from.

Odimegwu Onwumere is a Rivers State based poet, writer and consultant. He won in the digital category, Nordica Media Merit Awards 2016, Lagos; and the International Award for Excellence in Journalism 2016, Geneva. Tel: +2348057778358. Email:[email protected]


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