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A Tie Between Israel and the Arab Nations of UAE & Bahrain is Not Peace in the Middle-East! – By Godwin Airuoyuwa


By Godwin Airuoyuwa | Greater Toronto Area | September 21, 2020 – President Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner are claiming peace in the Middle-East, because of the diplomatic relations established between Israel and the kingdoms of United Arab Emirate (UAE) and Bahrain.

These friendly ties among these three nations, signed today, 2020-09-15, in the White House, should be correctly referred to as a path to peace, and not peace itself; there can only be peace in the Middle-East when the two warring parties, Israel and Palestine, are reconciled. Trump is looking to achieve peace by ignoring the Palestinians, and pursuing the destruction of the State of Iran, which he regards as the threat to peace in the region. Iran is seen as the only formidable force threatening the peace of Israel in the region right now, with the nation of Syria in total ruin.

Trump’s calculation is that if all the Arab nations in the region, which tend to see Iran as a common foe, can be coerced into restoring or establishing diplomatic relations with the State of Israel, Iran will not only be completely isolated, it will be overpowered militarily and economically. So not only is America encouraging these Arab nations to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, it is ready to equip them with sophisticated military hardware. In fact, as part of the deal struck with the United Arab Emirate (UAE) for the recently announced diplomatic ties with Israel, America will be selling to them F-35 jet fighters, the most lethal war plane in the US military.

Trump’s approach is total annihilation of the States of Syria and Iran, the two major enemies of Israel, and the only backers of the defenseless Palestinians. He is banking on the assumptions that Iran’s economy has been decimated, and its military capacity completely weakened with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was signed in 2015; an agreement that resulted in the world successfully preventing Iran from acquiring any nuclear weapon. With Israel as the only nuclear nation in that region, it seems perfectly reasonable to assume that, either Iran will be completely cowed to submission when all the Arab nations around it, especially Saudi Arabia, eventually become friends of Israel, or it is completely destroyed in a war.

Even now, Saudi Arabia has opened its air space to Israel, which gives their war planes easy access to Iran. This might seem a very well thought out plan by Trump and Kushner, except that there are some details that must be taken into account. First, is the fact that Iran and Syria are not exactly without support; they enjoy the backing of the next two super powers after US, that is Russia and China. These two nations have always indicated their readiness to come to the aid of Iran, if they were ever to be attacked by America. And this is where I think the Evangelicals, who see Trump as the Messiah, and who have been propping him up with their support, should start re-examining their stand. The Bible talks of deceitful peace in the Middle-East that would be brokered by the anti-Christ; peace that will get the whole world excited, which at the end, will result in complete destruction of the State of Israel.

The question the Evangelicals and indeed all believers of Christ should start asking themselves is – is Trump the Messiah or the Anti-Christ? Perhaps some of them actually know the answer to the question already, and that explains their strong support for his government. They are probably saying within their hearts, “Lord, if it is through this man that you want to orchestrate your second coming, no matter how lewd and detestable he is, let your will be done.” These believers are more interested in the second coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Today in America, and indeed all over the world, all of the Biblical calamities of fire, storms & floods, hurricane, pandemic, hunger and homelessness are happening. Economies of most nations are devastated and their citizens are in dire need of the basic necessities of life. And as most heads of governments agree, the world is experiencing unprecedented climate change. So, many of them are making efforts to address it. However, the one leader positioned to champion this course, unfortunately believes that the whole concept of climate change is a hoax. Donald Trump is actively working against the rest of the world by encouraging further degradation of the environment.

Almost all of the measures designed to save the environment, put in place by the Obama administration, have been reversed; Trump is destroying God’s creation, and yet those who claim to be God’s children see him as their Saviour. Donald Trump cannot be the Messiah; he is a liar, and lies are of the devil, he hates human beings who do not look like him, he certainly is not a follower of Jesus Christ, he is a cheat and an oppressor of the down-trodden, and he is an abuser of women.

Even by his fruit, we know that he belongs to the devil, and yet he is honoured by some who profess Christ. I have heard it said by the Christians who support Donald Trump that, no matter his character flaws, if he is the instrument God wants to use to redeem the world, they would cheer him on. To those brethren, I would say, hope you are truly ready for what you hope for.

I will conclude by saying this: If by January 2021, Donald J. Trump is still in the White House, all who have not known Jesus Christ, it does not matter what faith you belong to now, should endeavour to seek Him. And if you think you know him already, you should also endeavour to re-examine your faith, to see if you truly belong to him.

Engr. Godwin Airuoyuwa, P.Eng, PMP is the author of the book Practical Christianity: Living Like the New Creature You Have become (2019). Copies could be purchased from Amazon or the publisher, Shidaanikei Publishers @ [email protected].


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